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Running Passwordstate service under non-personal account instead of System without local admin rights


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For a customer I am installing and automating the install of Passwordstate.

I would like to use a non-personal account for this, without having to give this account local administrator permissions.
Is there a guide as to what permissions this account is going to need (i.e. User Rights Assignments and NTFS permissions etc.)?

Thank you in advance!

Kind regards,


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Thanks for your reply!


This is on Windows, I made a domain account and gave it the Logon as a service User Right and also NTFS permissions on the PasswordState directory.
But it is unable to start. When I make the account local admin, everything is fine.

So apparently there are some more permissions required, but I can not find anything in the manual.

The default is running it as SYSTEM, which we don't want to do because of security considerations.

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