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Password Reset Portal - Windows Credential Provider and Microsoft Edge


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Internet Explorer 11 is end of life on June 15, 2022. Our site has already migrated user base to Edge and redirect via GPO IE requests to Edge whilst enabling IE11 mode for backwards capability. Most product works in this configuration. However, when using the ClickStudios "Windows Credential Provider"; and with group policy configured to redirect IE to Edge we receive the prompt 'This action is restricted. For more information, please contact your system administrator'. 


I understand with testing so far, Edge will not launch from the login screen, whereas Chrome does and various tickets have been raised with development environments, as to why Edge will not launch. 

This is a request to support Microsoft Edge when using the Windows Credential Provider.

Thanks 🙂


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  • richard changed the title to Password Reset Portal - Windows Credential Provider and Microsoft Edge

Hello Richard,


Yes, you are correct with your feedback above - it does not look like Microsofr Edge supports launching from the Windows Login screen. We've been testing this, and we can launch just about anything here i.e. Chrome, Notepad, etc, but Edge will simply not launch.

We've still have no had any responses to our developer support tickets either.

As soon as Microsoft support this, then we can support it in our Credential Provider as well.


Click Studios

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