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browser based remote sessions tunnel data through the remote site agent instead of needing hole in the firewall at the remote site pls

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we are an MSP.  currently to use the browser based remote sessions with remote site licenses we have to manually create a port forward and allow connection from where we are.

as we are working from home since covid started we either have to open this port to the world(!), use a jump box or just not use this feature.


the request is to allow the dynamic creation of a secure tunnel between the passwordstate server and the remote site agent.  so data would travel:  

passwordstate user -> passwordstate server (browser)-> remote site agent -> internal system (ssh/RDP).

This happens for most remote control tools (e.g. teamviewer, logmein, etc) so should be possible in theory and would make everything much easier to work with and secure



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Hello Daniel,


Thanks for your request, but unfortunately what you are asking is not technically possible with our agent, and would require some sort of third party gateway like teamviewer, etc for that to work. Management have decided previously that we do not intend to provide that sort of service.


Click Studios

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