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Hi there, 

We are currently using Passwordstate 9435. We are having a problem (that also existed on every other version we've used previously too, so not version specific) where our users are logged out of Passwordstate before they should be. We've played with the timeout setting and icnreased it all the way up until 480 minutes, but people are timed out well before this.

For example, some days I will login to Passwordstate at 8am, and be timed out before my 9am meeting. Other days, I will not get timed out for hours, other days it will time out after just a few minutes.

I'm not sure why, or where to look, so any advice would be great.


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Do you use any Load Balancers, reverse proxies, or proxy servers? Apart from these devices causing this sort of issue, we've had no other reports of this.


If you do not use any of these devices, maybe have a look at the Application Event log on your web server, to see if there are any entries at the times you get logged out.


Click Studios

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