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Host matching/selection of Linked Credentials


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Hi, I tried searching to find the answer to this (to no avail), why is it when you define a Remote Session Credential, it overrides all other matching passwords from the password lists? Shouldn't I see both Remote Session Credentials and matching passwords from my password lists in the dropdown on the host? Right now if the  Remote Session Credential matches, that's the only one listed, as soon as you change the matching criteria, then all the matching password lists passwords are shown - I would like both...


Thanks, TJ

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Hello TJ,


This is how we've designed the Remote Session Credentials, so you can log into systems using the same domain account. If needed, you can click on the Manual Launch button, and search for your other accounts here.


Or if you would prefer them in the dropdown, we could move this request into our Feature Requests section of the forums for you.


Click Studios

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Yes, please love this to the feature request forum. In my mind I’d like both to be listed in the dropdown (default to the main remote credential).

I suppose it could be a feature option to only display the remote credential or include both remote credential and password list options. 

thanks. TJ


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