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Hi There,


I have looked for a list of parameters for the permalink function.

The case: We have a single list with multiple passwords(multiple pages..) and in our procedures we refer to a password on that list.
It would be helpfull if the filter/search could be applied to the permalink, so the link only shows one or a few passwords

Is this possible or do i need to create a feature suggestion ^^

Thanks in advance.

Regards, Jacob

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Hi Jacob,


The way we've designed permalinks is to take you directly to the record you need, when you click on the hyperlink i.e. Folder, Password List or Password record.


Would it help if you were using a password record permalink, instead of a Password List permalink?

If you are clicking on Password List permalinks, you can still search/filter within that list, once you are taken to the Password List. We have no way of automatically filtering when doing this though.


Click Studios

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Thanks for the answer, I did notice the option on the password and easy to generate af full list in SQL ^^
the case where the the filter would be great, is if a "Site" has more that one than one password ex: "_admin" and "_test" 
and it could easy be integrated in our intranet "systems-list" where the titles match.

i think we can move this to a feature suggestion. 

Regards, Jacob

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