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Build 9493 Database Management


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When you upgrade to build 9493, this version support Unicode characters, which can make your database grow by a large amount.  Best practice is to shrink the database and log files after you upgrade to free up space.  You should also check you have plenty of disk space on your database server prior to upgrading, as your database may grow to be 300% – 400% in size. An example of this is if your database is 500mb in size, it’s possible this can grow to 2gig and it will consume that much disk space on your database server.  


Prior to upgrading also ensure you have not capped the Autogrowth for your Passwordstate database as it's unpredictable how much it will need to grow during the upgrade process.  To find out if your growth of your database has been capped, and also what drive your database is located on, see screenshot below:



Shrinking the database can be done in one of two ways:


Option 1:

Open SQL Management Studio Tools and connect to your database server using an account that full access to your Passwordstate database, and run the following SQL Code:




You should see some results similar to the screenshot below, and this means it’s executed well:




Option 2:

You can shrink the database and the log files using the UI of SQL Management Studio Tools.  Please see section 15 of this guide if you’d like to follow this option:  https://www.clickstudios.com.au/downloads/version9/Installation_Instructions.pdf




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