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Too many automatic redirections were attempted


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Hi all,


I just set up the App Server to use Passwordstate on mobile devices.

When I try to query the App Servers SSL Public Key I get the pop up: The Public Key for the Passwordstate App Server's SSL Vertificate could not be determined. Please refer to Error COnsole in Administration for more details.

In the Error Console I have the following Error: Error trying oto determine the SSL Public Key for the Passwordstate App Server web siete, error = Too many automatic redirections were attempted.

Can someone tell why I have this error and how can I fix it?


Thank you very much

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Hi Larsadl,


Can you let me know if you have installed the AppServer o the same server where Passwordstate is installed?  Do you have a Proxy or Load Balancer in front of your AppServer by any chance?


Can you log into your Passwordstate web server, and do an NSLOOKUP to your AppServer URL, and this should return a single hop to the server where the AppServer is installed.  Does this return more than one "hop"


You are welcome to log this with our support email address so we can get screenshots and discuss server details if you wish.  Please log it though this page if this is what you'd like to do: https://www.clickstudios.com.au/support.aspx




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