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Building Password Lists quickly using templates


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When creating Password Lists, you can customize it by choosing a number of different settings.  If you want to keep these settings consistent across multiple Password Lists, you can apply them based on a Password List Template.  This will also make creating new Password Lists quicker.


How do I Do This?

  • Create a new Password Template, by clicking Passwords menu -> Password List Templates



  • Click Add New Template




  • On the Password List Details tab, populate the Name, Description, and enable some settings you wish to make standard for all new Password Lists.  In this example, on top of the default settings already turned on, we have chosen:


  1. An additional Active Directory Authentication
  2. Enable Password Resets
  3. A custom Icon for the Password List



  • On the Customize Fields tab, add or remove Standard or Generic Fields to your liking.  In our example below, we have these options set:




  • Optionally, you can also set some default permissions on your Template, which will apply to your new Password Lists.  To do this, click the Actions tab of the Template, and select View Permissions




Click Grant New Permissions




  • Search for a user or Security Group, apply relevant permissions and click Save




  • Now when creating a new Password List, you can specify to copy Settings or Permissions from a Template as per below screenshot:








Things to Note:

  1. You can also copy settings from an existing Password List instead of a Template.
  2. You can force these settings to be applied for your users, by using a User Account Policy.  Click HERE to see how to do this.
  3. Not only will each newly created Password List have all the Settings and Permissions you specified, but they will also be linked to the Password Template.  This means you can make a change to the settings on the Template, and it will automatically apply that setting to all of the Password Lists linked to it.  You can unlink Password Lists if required.
  4. If you want to apply additional permissions to existing Password Lists, you will need to use the Bulk Permission feature HERE
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