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Batch "unexpire" expired passwords

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Many years ago we imported a large number of passwords into PasswordState and, somehow, many (~2,500) of these passwords acquired an expiry date where no expiry is required.


These passwords appear in our expired passwords report (of course).


How can we batch remove expiry from these passwords?


We can assume that no passwords in our PasswordState instance (build 9500) need/have an expiry if that simplifies things.



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We do not have a way to do this in the UI, but you can do it directly in the database if you like. Steps are:

  • Determine the PasswordListID or IDs, using screenshots below
  • The use SQL Management Studio and execute the commands below - update the PasswordListID as appropriate

           USE Passwordstate

           UPDATE [Passwords] SET ExpiryDate = NULL WHERE PasswordListID = xxxxx





Click Studios

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