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Any way to view Favorites by default?


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I have a couple questions regarding markings things as a Favorite.

  1. If I mark some lists as favorites (from the left pane), is there any way to view those favorited lists by default?  When I log into Passwordstate, or when I refresh after it times out, it always resets to viewing everything.  I have to manually click the Star button each time to get only the favorites to show.  Is there any way to set it that way permanently?
  2. If I mark specific passwords, within a list, as Favorites, is there some way to have those passwords be at the top of the list by default since I use them most often?  I'm not sure what the point is of making individual password as favorites if there's no way of showing only the favorites within a list.




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Hello Kelemvor,


Thanks for your enquiry. Unfortunately we don't have features for either of your suggestions, but are you aware you can view these when you click on 'Passwords Home'?

If the grids are not visible, simply click the 'Screen Options' button, and choose to show these grids.


Click Studios

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