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Enforce Password List Settings and Permissions by using a User Account Policy


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You want to standardize your Password Lists, to have the same Settings and/or Permissions.  You can apply a User Account Policy, which will enforce these settings to be enabled.


How Do I Do This?


  • Create a Password List Template with all required Settings and Permissions. In our example, our Template is called Service Desk Template. (See this TUTORIAL on how to do this)


  • Under Administration -> User Account Policies click Add




  • Enter in a Name and Description for your Policy, and click the Password List Options tab.  Select the options for Setting ID 27, 28 and 29 as the below screenshot.  Click Save to continue.




  • Click the Actions menu of your new Policy, and select View Permissions




  • Apply permissions to either some users or Security Groups as per below example




In this example, all users that are a member of the Service Centre security group will now have all Settings and Permissions applied to each new Password List they create.  If you make a change to any Setting on the Password List Template, it will automatically update the Password Lists it is linked to.







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