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KB5013941 - Causes Domain User Sign in Failure


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Just wondering if anyone else has seen the problem with Microsoft's May patch KB5013941.


When installed on the 2019 Windows server that hosts Passwordstate it:

  • Errors when a domain user signs in with "Login Failed - please check user name or password"
  • When testing the Privileged Account Credentials - Domain/userid cannot be found (or something similar to that


We applied the Microsoft Out of Band KB5015018 which didn't resolve the issue. In the end we've uninstalled KB5013941 while we work on a permanent solution.


Just wondering if anyone else has had the problem or knows how to resolve?

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After searching the internet, we found the following articles regarding this issue:

Might require customers uninstalling the patch if they are affected by this, until Microsoft fix it properly.


Click Studios

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