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Passwordstate Windows Service missing after upgrade to 9535

D. Höfer

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Hey guys, 


i found out that the service "Passwordstate Service" on our windows server has gone missing, probably after the last upgrade. Passwordstate is working, but tasks like auto-backup etc. arent. How can we re-register the service manually? i know i did this once a couple of years ago, but cant remeber exactly which .exe and service name is needed. 


thank you very much. 




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Hi Dominc,


We suspect maybe your AV software has caused this. To re-install the service, please follow these instructions - assuming the passwordstate.exe file still exists:

  • Open a command prompt as an Administrator, and enter the following commands
  • CD "C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319"
  • InstallUTIL.exe "C:\inetpub\Passwordstate\bin\Passwordstate.exe"
  • net start "Passwordstate Service"


Click Studios

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