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Revealing a password is slow

Beau P.

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We have a user that is complaining that revealing a password (clicking the ****'s on a password list to show the password) is very slow, taking about 4-5 seconds to show up.

I was able to reproduce this with mine taking about 3-4 seconds. 

We were quite far behind on versions so I upgraded to the latest version in case there were any improvements in this area.

My passwords are now revealing very quickly, taking under 1 second.

I checked in with the user today and they are now reporting it is taking about 12 seconds to show the password.


Here are the questions to answer from the performance post:


Questions to Answer:

  1. Where is your Passwordstate database in relation to the Passwordstate web server?  ie are they on the same LAN, across a WAN or possibly hosted in something like Azure or AWS?
    1. Both are hosted in Azure. The web server is a VM and we are using Azure's SQL PaaS offering for the database. Both are in the same datacenter.
  2. Do you use any Reverse Proxies or Load Balancers?
    1. No
  3. Where are your clients accessing Passwordstate from?  Same LAN, across a WAN etc?
    1. Over the internet
  4. If you RDP into your Password web server, and launch Passwordstate inside that session, does this speed things up?
    1. I can't test this because I am not having the issue.
  5. Can you explain what pages are slow to access?  ie is it when you first log into the system and the navigation tree takes a long time to render?  Or is it when you click on a Password List as an example?
    1. Revealing a password in a password list.
  6. What sort of times are you experiencing when loading pages? 5 seconds?  10 seconds etc?
    1. 12 seconds
  7. Are you running AV on your web server?  If so, which brand?
    1. Yes. Bitdefender.
  8. How much free memory do you have on your web and database server?
    1. Web Server has 1.5GB of free memory out of 4GB total. CPU is averaging 5% over the last hour (2 vCPUs). Database doesn't tell me memory usage but the DTU percent max in the last 12 hours is only 22%.
  9. If your users are seeing poor performance when opening a Password List, can you find out how many item they have configured to show in the grid?  Screenshot below of this:
    1. Opening the list is working fine.
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Hi Beau,


Sorry you're having some issues, and in our testing we can reveal the password almost immediately, and load Password List pages in around 1 second.

Where is this user located in relation to you geopgraphically? If the user tries this from a Password List with less than 10 records in it, what's the performance like?


Click Studios

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So the user is reporting that revealing passwords is fast now after the upgrade. I guess I misunderstood their issue. They are now saying that opening an individual password entry (not a list) to edit it is what was taking 12 seconds. I had them only show 20 entries on the list and it cut the time down to about 5 seconds. I had them check on a list with fewer than 10 entries and it took about 2.5 seconds to pull up the edit screen.


They say the times are reasonable for them now.

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