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Active/Passive in combination with AppServer


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Im trying to find the Architectural overview for a HA installation icm with a DMZ Appserver. (page six of https://www.clickstudios.com.au/downloads/version9/High_Availability_Installation_Instructions.pdf)

We want to make a HA setup within our LAN and have an appserver in the DMZ for our field engineers. I can connect the AppServer to the PRimary server and SQL server, but what will happen if the primary server goes down? Is the appserver aware of the backup server and will it switch? Or do we need to setup the appserver towards the secondary servers and the engineers have to resync? 


Hope you have information available about this scenario. Thanks in advance.



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Hello Maurice,


If you want High Availability for database connectivity for your App Server, we recommend using either Basic or Always On Availability groups in SQL Server. Then you can point your App Server, to the SQL Listener, just like you would with the core product.

If you do not have Basic or Always On Availability groups, you would need to modify the database connection string for your App Server, and manually change it to your other SQL Database Server - since you do not have any automatic failover for SQL Server.

We hope this helps.


Click Studios

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