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API Reference Please


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Hi All.


I see this nice page declaring availability of an API but I can't find any reference page showing me what the calls are or how to use it.




I'm not on the Windows platform.


Is there a reference, guide, or anything else I can use to fetch and update a password document?



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One quick follow-up.  Since this is not an API reference doc, but example based in powershell, can you help translate this to a curl request or just put the reference doc here?  Thx!



 # PowerShell Request
   $documentPath = "D:\Build-Specifications.txt"
   $uri = "https://passwordstate/api/document/password/<PasswordID>?DocumentName=<DocumentName>&DocumentDescription=<DocumentDescription>"
   $result = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $uri -Method Post -InFile $documentPath -ContentType 'multipart/form-data' -Header @{ "APIKey" = "<apikey>" }
   Write-Host $result


Would something like this work assuming variables are complete?

Is content type mutlipart/form-data required?  If so, what should the field name be for the uploaded document?  Normally multipart data has a name and value like with curl this would be --form <name=content>

curl -s -H "APIKey: $APIKEY" --data "$PWDOC" $URI
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3 hours ago, support said:

Hi Tim,


Sorry, but we do not have any experience with curl. Hopefully someone else on the forums will be able to assist you.


Click Studios

No worries Team.  Just wanting the API reference doc that specifies exactly how it works in plain terms not microsoft specific.  The powershell examples don't show this.

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