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App Server URL

Daniel Mathis

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Hi Daniel,


If you are hosting the AppServer on the same server where you install Passwordstate, the it can have the same URL but must be a different port.  You then should ensure you append the port to the URL for the AppServer under Administration -> System Settings -> Mobile Access Options, and example of this is https://passwordstate.contoso.com:3030


If you are hosting the AppServer on a separate server al together, it must have a separate URL.


Hope this helps,


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Yes, thank you...

Now when I open the URL with the new port, I get the following error...



Second thing is, under Authorized Web Server I added the App Server with the same Host Name as the Primary Server, but the App Server stays red. Do I have to specify the new port somehow?


UPDATE: Ok, somehow it is now green...

Do I need a purchased ssl certificate, or can I test with the self signed? Cause when I query the self signed, I get an Error 403

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