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Bug when restore browser session


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Hey there,


we have a weird thing, when we restore the browser session.



- Log in to Passwordstate

- (Work normal)

- Close Browser

== Next Day ==

- Open browser

- Use the "restore session" function in the Browser


Passwordstate looks like this:



The user name on top right is still the user which used Passwordstate.


After the login we have a "Passwordstate in Passwordstate":




Well, not a critical security issue. Maybe your developer could have a look at this?


Thanks and greetings!


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Hello HeizungAuf5,


We're not aware of the "Restore Session" option you mentioned, but this would be happening because your session on the IIS web server is not active - so you have no access to any data in the system, as you first need to authenticate correctly.


Click Studios

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