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Black screen when launching a Browser Based Launcher session


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You launch a Browser Based Launcher RDP or SSH session, and get a completely black screen with no indication or an error.


Fix 1:

Go to Administration -> System Settings -> Miscellaneous and check your Base URL. This needs to be the exact URL you use for Passwordstate.  Check this base URL starts with HTTPS and not just HTTP.


The above information is assuming you have the Browser Based Gateway installed on your Passwordstate web server.  If it is installed on a separate server, then the gateway may have issues communicating back to your Passwordstate API.  Please log a support ticket with Click Studios to start troubleshooting this scenario.


Fix 2:

We've recently had several customers report that Sophos AV software was causing the issue.  The behaviour they would see is they could launch three or 4 remote sessions, then the 5th one would only show a black screen.  All customers reported if they uninstalled Sophos from their workstations this fixed the issue, but a better solution is to put in an exclusion into the Sophos software for the Passwordstate website, or the IP Address that the Passwordstate URL resolves to:







Fix 3:

A customer has reports that doing Windows Updates, and rebooting the server fixed this issue.  Possibly try rebooting your server in the first instance to see if that helps.





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