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Build 9653 Copy to Clipboard function improvements


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**EDIT - Updated 25th January 2023** Troubleshooting steps to help speed this up can be found here:  https://forums.clickstudios.com.au/topic/15217-delayed-copy-button-action-when-upgrading-to-9653/#comment-38254




In a recent build of Passwordstate, a change was made to do a post back to your web server every time you click on a the copy to clipboard button.  Previously this was just client side meaning the browser extension copied the data directly out of the browser, rather than retrieving the information from the server.


When this post back occurs, we also perform a permission check just like we do on any other page, so these changes may be causing this issue for you.  These changes were made with security in mind, to help mitigate against the off chance someone could get access to one of your passwords if you left your computer unlocked and your clipboard hadn't cleared.


This new functionality was introduced due to a security audit that we had on our software, which is something we regularly undertake due to the nature of our software. 


We had some customers experience slow copy to clipboard times after upgrading to a recent build, so we've optimized the copy function in build 9653 to reduce the payload being transferred from the web browser to the Passwordstate web server.  We believe this is as much as we can optimize the copy function, without impacting the security of your data.  We'd recommend upgrading to the latest build if you are running anything below version 9653.


The video below demonstrates copying a password when the Password Grid is set to 10 records, and also 50 records, and on a standard virtual machine running 2 cores with 8 gig ram, the copy function is instant.  The post back journey ends when you see the "Clear Clipboard" button in the top right hand corner of your screen.  If your performance is any different to the video clip below, perhaps investigate the connection from your browser to your webserver, resources on webserver or rule out any load balancers or proxy servers to troubleshoot the performance.






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