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Delayed copy button action when upgrading to 9653


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Hi Chris,


Thanks for your email.


In a recent build of Passwordstate, a change was made to do a post back to your web server every time you click on the copy to clipboard button.  Previously this was just client side meaning the browser extension copied the data directly out of the browser, rather than retrieving the information from the server.


When this post back occurs, we also perform a permission check just like we do on any other page, so these changes may be causing this issue for you.  These changes were made with security in mind, to help mitigate against the off chance someone could get access to one of your passwords if you left your computer unlocked and your clipboard hadn't cleared, specifically after your computer awoke from a sleep state.


Please consider these suggestions to see if this will help troubleshoot this in your environment, if it still doesn't help, can you please log a support call with Click Studios?


  1. Here is a video of what the performance of the copy to clipboard on the build you are running:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTzsrbcFdpQ. This is the expected performance you should see, and please note our webserver we recorded this video on is a standard Virtual machine, with two processors and 8 gig ram.
  2. Try reducing the number of rows in your Grid to 10 rows, on the Password List where you using the copy function on.  See Screenshot #1 below for this
  3. If you have any extra fields enabled to be displayed on your page when clicking on a Password List, then try hiding these fields if they are not required.  The less data that is displayed on the webpage the better.  See Screenshot #2 for this
  4. As a test to rule out bandwidth issues between the browser and the web server, try creating a LocalHost binding in IIS on your Passwordstate webserver, and then remote directly into your server and try test the copy to clipboard function again using https://localhost. Does this speed things up?  https://forums.clickstudios.com.au/topic/14938-using-local-host-binding-for-testing-purposes/
  5. If you have any Antivirus software on your web server, try disabling this and test again to see if this helps.  Possibly putting in an exclusion for your Passwordstate install folder and IIS process (w3wp.exe) may help. Please note this is just a temporary test to see if it is causing the issue
  6. Try opening developer tools in your browser, and under the network tab you will see how much data is being transferred when you try doing a copy to clipboard test, along with the total time.  My results can be seen in the Screenshot #3 below.  If your data transfer is similar in size to the example below, but is still taking multiple seconds to perform the copy, then perhaps there is something throttling traffic between your browser, and your webserver (100 - 300 milliseconds is the average speed for this.)
  7. Try rebooting your Passwordstate webserver and then try performing a copy function in another browser, possibly on another machine if needed.
  8. **Edit 25th January 2023** A customer has reported that an AV solution on their Desktop machine where they are accessing Passwordstate from was causing a 2 second delay whilst it interrogated the payload that needs to be sent to the Passwordstate server.  We'd recommend temporarily disabling AV on your Desktop as a troubleshooting step to see if that speeds things up.
  9. **Edit 14th March 2023** Try disabling any Ad Blockers in the browser and test again
  10. If using Alt + Tab to quickly move to another application after copying a password, please give it more than half a second to perform this action.  If you Alt-Tab before the round trip has finished, then the password will not be copied to the clipboard.
  11. Encourage users not to double click the Copy button.  It just requires a single click, and double clicking it as if you were trying to open a file within a Windows folder will only double the payload.
  12. If you see the error DOMException: Document is not focused, this is caused by changing to another tab before the round trip for the copy function has finished.  The call requires the same tab to be active whilst it’s completing the function, and I think this is just a security feature in the Java script library.
  13. If you have Passwordstate browser extensions installed, it's possible they are clearing the contents of the clipboard if the user has any other value other than 0 in personal preferences, which can be seen in Screenshot #4
  14. If your users are double clicking the copy button, or clicking it multiple times in quick succession, this will cause the function to fail.  Try using single clicks only
  15. You don't have to wait for the message at the bottom of the screen to appear to know that the data is in the clipboard.  It is in the clipboard as soon as you see the icon in the top right hand corner, Screenshot #5


Screenshot #1




Screenshot #2




Screenshot #3




Screenshot #4




Screenshot #5









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