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Request Access Screen: Show administrators of password list

Valentijn Scholten

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Here is a request by the support team.




In previous versions of Passwordstate the following features were present when requesting access to a password list:


1) The list of password list administrators was shown

2) The requester could choose which administrator to notify: 1 administrator from the, or all in the list


The use case for this for user to know (or to choose) who will receive the access request. This allows them to choose somebody who is actually present or someone who they can ping to look at the request.


Feature 2 would also be nice to have to prevent multipleadministrators from getting a notification e-mail when only 1 is enough.


This is the old screen from v7:





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Is that a question or a statement? 

The usecase is that if somebody requests access, they don't know who to ask to approve it. Not all approvers are constantly reading their emails or logging into passwordstate. In which case they come to the global passwordstate admins, but they cannot see access requests meant for other approvers. Simply showing the approver(s) would help to avoid this overhead.

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Hello Valentijn,


It's a statement, in case you weren't aware.


Until we can work on a feature for this, possibly you could trying educating your Passwordstate users to action the emails they receive. Just a suggestion to stop the support tickets going to the "global passwordstate admins".


Click Studios

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