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Allow request access / show admins from permalink screen

Valentijn Scholten

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In previous versions of Passwordstate it was possible for users to request access to a list (or password) they were trying to view via a permalink.

Currently this is no longer possible, leading users somewhat to a dead end. Please note there are no administrators displayed as well, so the user might be lost on who to contact for access.




The use case for us is:

  1. We link to Passwords and Password Lists from our WIki (Confluence)
  2. Users click on those links to access the Password or Password List.
  3. If they don't have access, they should be able to:
    • Request access, or,
    • See who the admins are so they can contact them.


The second option in my opinion is only a quickfix as the user should be able to request access.

If a user browses manually to the password list via the navigation tree, there is in fact a request access screen. Ideally that same screen shown, possiblt behind a "Request Access" button.


This the old screen from v7:


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Clickstudios support team mentions this "error" message should only happen when the user is not logged in (it sounds more like an error than a normal message).

But we are seeing this message being presented always if the user has no permission, even when logged in.


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Hello Valentijn,


This message would only be shown if you are successfully authenticated to Passwordstate, unless there is some sort of exception happening which we cannot reproduce.


We've responded to your support ticket this morning, showing the screens we see, and we need to figure out why you are not seeing the same screens as us.


Please let us know in the support ticket, and we can dig a little deeper to see if we can find the cause.


Click Studios

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