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Username or Password incorrect when logging into Passwordstate - Non Domain joined webserver or Non Trusted Domains


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You are hosting Passwordstate on a workgroup computer, or possibly on a domain in a different forest with no trust, and you cannot login to the web interface.  The error you receive is "Username or Password is incorrect"


Potential Fix:

Confirm that the settings for your domain under Administration -> Active Directory Domains are correct in the first instance, including the LDAP Query string, netbios and FQDN.  To confirm the settings are correct, open a command prompt on a computer joined to the domain you wish to log into, and follow these instructions:


  • Open a command prompt on your computer and type set userdomain, and then set userdnsdomain
  • The NetBIOS Name for your Active Directory settings should match the result of set userdomain
  • FQDN should match the result of set userdnsdomain
  • The LDAP Query String for your Active Directory settings should match the result of set userdnsdomain. e.g. dc=clickstudios,dc=com,dc=au for the domain clickstudios.com.au


Next, try changing the connection protocol on your domain under Administration -> Active Directory Domains to LDAPS, and ensure your remote domain is configured to accept LDAPS connections.


If this does not work, you can try changing the Protocol to Kerberos.


Ports that need to be open between your Passwordstate webserver and the remote domain are as follows:


LDAP: 389

LDAPS: 389, 636

Kerberos, 88, 389 464


If needed, try running Wireshark or something similar to track traffic from your webserver to the domain, and check domain event logs for any errors with authentication attempts coming from your Passwordstate webserver.






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