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Import Keepass Error - "403 forbidden" or "The Remote Name Could Not Be Resolved"


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When importing a Keepass XML file you may see one of the following error messages and no data is imported into the system:







Both of these errors are related to an incorrect Base URL in Passwordstate being set.  Go to Administration -> System Settings -> Miscellaneous and confirm that the URL starts with HTTPS (not HTTP), and also that the URL is the exact URL you use to access Passwordstate and there are no spelling errors etc.


If the URL you have set on this page is the URL of a Load balancer, this should still work, but we have seen some customers run into this issue if the Load Balancer does not pass the request on to the Primary Passwordstate website API.  The import process is doing a simple POST  command to insert the data through the API, so if the API is not reachable through the Load Balancer you will see this issue.


A possible work around for this is to change the URL to not use the Load Balancer URL temporarily, just until you get the data imported correctly into the system.


If you still have an issue importing, please log a support call with Click Studios from this page:  https://www.clickstudios.com.au/support.aspx





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