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Domain Migration - Merging a Passwordstate Instance into another

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I found this blog - Migrating Passwordstate to a New Domain Part 1 (clickstudios.com.au) which appears to focus on simply migrating from one domain to another. 


I am trying to locate any documentation on what is required when migrating a Passwordstate Database from an Instance (v5.6) on a domain into an existing instance (v9.7) on a different domain (with a Trust a domain trust).


Is there any documentation/blogs on this scenario where the instances are merged? 




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Hi Jeff84,


Unfortunately there's no direct upgrade path from Version 5 to the latest build, so we'd recommend installing a new version of Passwordstate on the new server, in the new domain, and then exporting the passwords from the old instance and import them into the new instance.  You'll then need to set up your new domain details and users and apply permissions throughout the software accordingly.


You can apply your current licenses to the new instance whilst doing this migration to open up the same amount of licenses.


Hopefully this works and happy to discuss more over our support email if you would prefer to contact us there.  Depending on how many folders and password list you have and how you have your systems structured, we may be able to script the creation of these objects when using the bulk import feature?  Our support can be contacted via this page:  https://www.clickstudios.com.au/support.aspx





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