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App server uninstallation


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I'd like to decommission our app server.  The mobile app and self-destruct messages functions for which I originally installed it get no use and I'd like to recover the VMWare resources for other purposes.  My question, is it as simple as deleting it from the 'Authorized Web Servers' page?  When I begin to do so, I get the following message:




But the server is only set to be used for the mobile app and self-destruct messages.  It's unclear to me why Passwordstate would stop functioning and why I'd need to register another app server unless the error is only relative to the services being provided by that app server.


And if there are directions to a cleaner way of doing this, I'd be appreciative of a link to them.




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Hello Mark,


We need to update the wording on this screen, as it has not been done since we've added the App Server feature.

The message is referring to the 'Primary Server' Server Role, you see on this screen. So there are no issues with you deleting the App Server role here.


Click Studios

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