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How to find my current HTTPS IIS Binding and SSL Certificate for Passwordstate


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This guide will show you how to find some critical details about your Passwordstate website.


Step 1:

Log into Passwordstate as a Security Administrator, and confirm your webserver name.  This is where you have Passwordstate installed.



Step 2:

Log into your web server, and open IIS (Internet Information Services).  You can search for this on the Start Menu. Once open, select your Passwordstate website and click Bindings.  Then select your HTTPS binding and click the Edit button.  A window will open showing the Hostname, Port number and the SSL Certificate being used as per the screenshot below.  If you view the certificate on this page, you can see detailed information about the certificate such as when it will expire, and you can export the certificate from this screen, if required.



If using Port 443 which is the default port that comes installed with Passwordstate, you do not need to append it to your URL when typing it into your browser.  If using any other port, you will need to append the port on the end of the URL.  In the example above, the URL would be https://passwordstate.clickdemo.com




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