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Emails stuck in queue


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Customer has noticed that emails are not being sent anymore when they previously used to work.  Things like scheduled reports or notifications about system event etc.  



Before doing any of these steps, go to Passwordstate Administration Home, and click on View Queued Emails.  Purge any emails on this page.  When you fix this issue, any emails on this page will all be sent out at the same time, which could potentially flood inboxes and send users old emails that are no longer relevant.


Troubleshooting Tips:


Option #1:

Go to Administration -> System Settings -> Email, Proxy & Syslog Servers and click the Test Email button where you have your email server details.  This should send an email to your inbox.  If it does, this will mean there is an issue with the Passwordstate Windows Service.  If it doesn't, it should error indicating your email settings are incorrect on this page.


Option #2

Check the Passwordstate Windows Service is running on your web server and start it if it is in a stopped state.  This should fix the issue.


Option #3

Check Application Event Logs on the web server for any exceptions related to the Passwordstate Windows Service.  Forward these onto Click Studios support for analysis: https://www.clickstudios.com.au/support.aspx


Option #4

If you suspect that some users are getting emails but others aren't, check the user has a valid email address assigned to their name under Administration -> User Accounts


Option #5

You should always have at least one server with the role of "Primary Server" under Administration -> Authorized Web Servers.  Having the Primary server role means the Windows Service is fully functional on that server.  If you have made a change to these roles recently, or need to set one to be a Primary Server now, make sure you restart the Passwordstate Windows Service again to pick up this change.


Option #6

Under Administration -> Auditing, filter on the Activity Type of 'Email Sent'.  If you can see recent activity of emails being sent on this page, that means the emails have been sent out from Passwordstate, and possibly they are getting caught in a spam filter.


Option #7

Check Administration -> Error Console for any errors relating to emails being sent. These errors are returned form your email server, and googling them should help resolve email server settings within Passwordstate, or perhaps they can help adjust your email server to allow a 3rd party application to send out email from it.






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