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Passwordstate Scheduled Backups not Running


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Passwordstate backups not running on the schedule you have configured under Administration -> Backups -> Settings page.  Whilst troubleshooting this issue, can can take a quick manual backup of Passwordstate at any point in time by following this guide: https://forums.clickstudios.com.au/topic/13911-manual-backup-using-sql-management-studio-tools/



Troubleshooting Step #1

Log into Passwordstate and go to Administration -> Backups -> Settings page and click the Test Permissions Button. If you see any errors on this page this may help you understand that the issue is.  ie it may have trouble writing to the network share, or it may have trouble backing up the database.


Troubleshooting Step #2

Log into your Passwordstate webserver, and check if the Passwordstate Windows service is running.  If it isn't, start it and wait for next schedule backup to occur and confirm it has backed up all files to disk.


Troubleshooting Step #3

Are you using the High Availability Version of Passwordstate, where you have 2 x Passwordstate websites running in sync?  If you are, go to Administration -> Authorized Web Servers and confirm you have at least one server on this page that has the Server Role set to "Primary Server". If you need to make a change on this page, restart the Passwordstate Windows Service on both of your Passwordstate web servers.  It actually cannot hurt to restart the services regardless at this point, and restarting services is non-disruptive for your end users.


Troubleshooting Step #4

On your web server, are there any errors in the Application Event Logs in Event Viewer, relating to the Passwordstate Windows Service?  If there are, screenshot them and send them throgh to Click Studios Support to analyze, and mention in the support call your scheduled backups are not working.  To log a support call with Click Studios, please do so via this page: https://www.clickstudios.com.au/support.aspx


Troubleshooting Step #5

Do you have your Windows Service running under the identity of a custom Active Directory Account?  If you do, please set it back to the default built in account called "Local System" and restart the service.  Wait for next scheduled backup to execute and check if this has fixed the issue.


If you still have issues running backups, please download and run the Powershell script in this forum post on your Passwordstate web server, and send Click Studios Support the results?  https://forums.clickstudios.com.au/topic/2518-passwordstate-support-information-script/




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