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Rebuild the web.config file - Version 9+


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If you are running Passwordstate version 9, and if you need to rebuild the web.config file from a backup, take a copy of the C:\inetpub\Passwordstate\setup\scripts\master_files\web.config.install file, and replace the following data below:


1. SQL Server name, Instance and Port if appropriate.  Examples of this are webserver03, webserver03\sqlexpress, webserver03,1495.  If using the default instance of MSSQLServer, or the default port of 1433, appending the instance or port is not necessary

2. The database name, typically passwordstate

3. SQL username, typically passwordstate_user

4. SQL user password (match what current password is in SQL, reset in SQL if required to match what is int he web.config file)

5. Setup Stage should always be "Setup Complete"

6. Secret 1 and Secret 2




Now replace the existing c:\inetpub\passwordstate\web.config file with this rebuilt one, and you should be able to access Passwordstate again.





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