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LDAP OU user limit and import passwords


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I have one issue and one question


When adding AD LDAP user or group password you can provide LDAP Filter (OU path) where this object has to be searched for. But this filed is limited to 100 characters and our path is exceeding this limit (like 150 characters). Could you please increase this limit up to 255 characters ?


I want to import set of passwords to shared list. But those passwords must have custom fields. I created Password List Template  for this purpose but when I use import creator and I choose import form csv only default template is being apllied

How to import passwords with custom columns then ?

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ok i managed to import passwords with custom values.

had to create custom fields on the password list that i wanted to import into -  then when i was importing it, proper columns was in place.

kind of confusing but i can live with that :)

but for ou character limit i could not find a fix....

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