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Passwordstate has browser extensions for Chrome Firefox and Edge, and should also work in any other Chromium based browser.  Below are a few tips for using these browser extensions:


Field IDs

On your password records that you have saved for 3rd party websites, you'll find a tab called field IDs.  If these fields are blank, the the browser extensions will try to guess the fields to insert the username and password into when auto-filling your credentials:



Auto-filling into Wrong Fields

If you find that the browser extensions appear to be auto-filling credentials into incorrect fields, when logged into the website, this can be fixed by setting the correct field IDs on your password record.  This blog post explains ho you can use a built in tool within the Browser Extensions for this: https://blog.clickstudios.com.au/example-mapping-field-ids/


Searching in the Browser Extensions

When searching within the browser extensions, you can search for the Title, Username or URL to find the correct record.  Password records without a URL will not be shown in the search results.  This is by design and it due to the nature of the Passwordstate software.  Being an enterprise Password manager, it's possible to store tens of thousands of passwords for your network, and showing all of these in the extension would make it difficult to use.  The browser extensions are designed to save and auto-fill website credentials, and therefore they will exclude any record that does not have a URL attached.


Ignored URLs

If you find the extensions are not automatically filling in your credentials, it's possible you have the website set as an ignored URL.  This blog post explains this in great detail:  https://blog.clickstudios.com.au/browser-extensions-options-when-saving-and-ignored-urls/







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