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Testing Password Reset Scripts Manually


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If you want to do some quick testing of a Password Reset Script for troubleshooting purposes, this can be achieved if you are a Security Administrator, and have access to the Administration -> Powershell Scripts page.  This guide also applies to testing Account Discoveries and Account Heartbeats.



As a Security Administrator, open the page below and choose Password Resets:



Find the script you want to test, and select Test Manually form the Actions Menu:



Enter the appropriate details for the script, and when executing it you should either see a "Success" message, or an Error message like this screenshot below:



If you want to adjust the script in any way, like commenting out all the custom errors so you can get the exact error message back from Powershell, you can modify the contents of the script like this screenshot below, and re-run the script again.



If you need to, send a screenshot of the results to Click Studios support and we will do our best to help troubleshoot the issue.





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