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Unusual Timeout Issues with Azure App Proxy

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A customer had noticed some unusual timeout issues after he introduced an Azure App Proxy in front of this Passwordstate website. The actual support call read as follows:


"We have migrated PasswordState to Azure to a Windows 2022 VM and put it behind an Azure application proxy. It seems to be working fine, but there are some weird timeout issues.


If you leave the site for a while and come back, then copying passwords of searching stops working and you first must reload the page before it starts working again. Do you know about this issue, and do you know a solution or point me in the right direction?"


Click Studios hadn't seen this before so was unable to help, but our customer found the fix himself, which was to extend the access lifetime token on the proxy.  This is the guide he followed to fix this issue:  https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/active-directory/develop/configure-token-lifetimes





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