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Backup failing after upgrade to V9.8 (Build 9811)


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Recently upgraded to V9.8 (Build 9811) on two servers -- same results on both servers. After upgrade backups are now failing. We only have the web files and keys selected for backup. When the process is executed, the web files zip is created but the process immediately fails with the message "Error = Failed: It appears writing the zip file to the backup path has failed. Please check the path exists, and try again." The keys backup is never attempted. Credentials are valid and pass the test process. Appears that the failure occurs when the verification that the file was created fails. Any thoughts on what this could be?

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Issue resolved with support help via email. I am hesitant to post what resolved the issue as it may have been tailored to our version and/or configuration. I can only advise that if you are having similar issues raise a request directly with their support.

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Hi Everyone,


This unfortunately is a bug in 9811.  In this build, we upgraded the .dll library we use to zip up the backups, and for some reason this new library won't zip the file because it found a new file that is in use within the Passwordstate install folder.  Only some of our customers are seeing this.


We'll have this patched in the next build of Passwordstate we release, but for now please contact support and we can give you the custom instructions that KC_BREC mentioned above: https://www.clickstudios.com.au/support.aspx








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