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Uploading Microsoft QR OTP codes into Passwordstate - Updated October 2023


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A frequent question we get is Passwordstate will not accept the QR code that Microsoft supply for their online portal access.  The error being reported is the QR code being uploaded is an "invalid QR code". There is a trick to this that is documented below, which will allow you to save an alternative QR code from Microsoft, and this can be uploaded into Passwordstate, which you can then use to authenticate to Microsoft portals.


Step 1:

After applying 2FA to your account in the MS Portal, log into your MS Portal and you will be asked to set up 2FA for your login. Instead of hitting Next, click the link to use a different authenticator app:



Step 2:

Click Next



Step 3:

On this next page save this QR Code disk:



Step 4:

Now in Passwordstate, upload the QR code and it will start giving you the relevant 6 digit code to authenticate with:



Step 5:

Don't forget to delete the QR code off your disk!





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