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Additional Auto-Fill Values and URL for Browser Extension

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Hey Everyone, 


we sometimes have the problem that a website or service needs an additional value from us rather than only user, password and otp (for Example a pre-defined PIN). also, we have multiple accounts which are the same for multiple portals/urls, but cant define multiple urls to be used within the browser extension for that credentials. (Its not different accounts, we know that you shouldnt use the same password for multiple sites. it's basically a SSO thing on multiple potals.)


Pls make it possible to define additional variables and urls for the same password record to be used by the browser extension. 


thank you




Thx @support, what we were missing was the "link account to multiple urls"-feature 



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We do have a feature for this already. If you have specified generic fields on your Password Lists to store additional data, you can map these fields in the browser extension.

Please see following document which describes the field mappings - https://www.clickstudios.com.au/downloads/version9/Browser_Extension_Manual.pdf


Click Studios

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