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Notifications for Build releases, Annual Support and Security Information


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Click Studios releases new minor builds of Passwordstate approximately once per month, and major builds once every 2 years.  Below is some instructions on how you can get notified of when new builds are released.


Built In Notifications:

Under Administration -> System Settings you'll find this option to set a frequency of when Passwordstate checks for new builds.  You can also specify which users should be notified when a new build is available.  Please note your Passwordstate web server will need to be able to access the https://clickstudios.com.au website to query an xml file for this feature to work.




When a new build is available, your users will be notified from within the Notification Centre:






Notifications Via Email:

Click Studios has an Announcement Forum which we update with any new build release, along with anything else that may be deemed important.  If you join up to the forums with a valid email address, you will be notified of any new build via an email as soon as the forum is updated.


Forum Location:  https://forums.clickstudios.com.au/forum/6-announcements/


Once you join the forums, ensure you subscribe to the Announcements page:




You can also join up to our RSS feed using this link which also notifies you of any new builds: https://forums.clickstudios.com.au/forum/6-announcements.xml






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