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Running a report crashes with a general error - all versions of Passwordstate


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You are running a report directly from the user interface that does not execute and presents you with a general error screen, or have a scheduled report that does not execute as expected.


Troubleshooting Steps:

The first thing to check is your Base URL under Administration -> System Settings is correct.  This must be the exact URL you use to access Passwordstate including being prefixed with HTTPS.  HTTP will not work.


If the above Base URL is correct, then determine if you are using something like a load balancer, app proxy or reverse proxy of some kind.  When you run a report in Passwordstate, it uses the Base URL and forms a API call by constructing a URL that looks something like this:  https://support.clickdemo.com/api/reporting/22?SiteID=0.  The section in red is the Base URL and the bold section is the additional parameters that is specific to make this report run.


It's possible that the API URL is being malformed by the Proxy server, and one way to confirm this is to bypass the proxy and run the report again. A quick way to do this is to:


  • Create a new test HTTPS binding in IIS, along with functioning DNS for that new binding
  • Update the Base URL in Passwordstate to that new URL, and run the report again


If this runs successfully, then maybe look at logs on the Proxy server to see what the URL being passed is, and hopefully this can be bypassed somehow in the Proxy server settings.


If you need to see the different URLs that each report produces to help you troubleshoot this for any other report, please got to the API manuals found under the help menu, and in those manuals you’ll find a reporting section.  Each report has a slightly different URL depending on what data it is trying to achieve.




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