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API key for adding Folders and Password Lists and no Password access

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Folders can only be created via the system wide API key, same goes for adding Password Lists from a Template to the folder.


We need a way via API to add folders, add password lists from template, add/modify/remove password list permissions and have the API user NOT be able to read/change any passwords in existing password lists.


We tried the Windows Integrated Auth API, unfortunately to be able to see if the folder already had a password list required us to give that API user View permissions on the Password List Template or Password List which also allows them to view any password records in that list.  As a large organization, we try our best to follow the least privilege model including API users.

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In general, I prefer to use the Windows Integrated API instead of API keys. But the use case would be similar.


Also: ability to move password lists from one folder to another using the API

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