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Host Folders via API

Andrew M

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Hi all - might be my first post, in which case, please be gentle with me if it's been asked or answered elsewhere... I have looked and not really found what I wanted.


Does the API either support anything to do with host folders yet? I have to add hundreds of hosts from a couple of hundred clients and need to organise them by client folders before linking to passwords using tags.


I can add host folders manually in the UI and add a tag to each so that new hosts with a particular tag are put in the correct folder. I can add hosts easily using the API, and include a tag on each one, but I don't see a documented way of creating host folders (tagged or otherwise) or choosing a folder for the host I'm adding. 


If those last couple of things aren't currently possible, are there plans to expand the API to include those features (or can I request that somewhere)?



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This functionality will be coming in version 10, which we are currently working on. Specifically, the following - at this stage we do not have a release date for V10 though.



1. Adding a Host record

2. Deleting a Host record

3. Searching for Host records


Host Folders

1. Add Host Folder

2. Delete Host Folder

3. Search Host Folder

4. Add Host Folder Permissions

5. Delete Host Folder Permissions

6. Add Host Records into Folder

7. Remove Host Records from Folder


Remote Session Credentials

1. Add Remote Session Credential

2. Update Remote Session Credential

3. Delete Remote Session Credential

4. Search Remote Session Credentials

5. Add Remote Session Credential Permission

6. Delete Remote Session Credential Permission

7. Search Remote Session Credential Permissions



Click Studios

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Hi Mordecai,


The only other API functionality we think we'll be adding at this stage is related to documentation, specifically searching for documents.  No changes will be made to existing API code so your existing scripts won't be affected, and we'll be releasing the first build of Passwordstate 10 as a beta to all users.  Normally we'll run the beta for about 2 months and fix any issues that were reported before the first stable version is released.




Click Studios.




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