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Browser Extension - Similar URL's / Aliases for a site


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Feature request: 

Master list, not necessarily per-user based, whereby aliases / "Similar" URL's can have access to the same password.  


For example, Office 365 can use those credentials across MANY different URLs, including: 







 - These all point to various Microsoft pages / portals, and are frequently be based on the same Microsoft ID (same password entry).

 - In some cases, you might use one URL to get into a site, and depending how you log out, you might end up at a different URL for re-entry in.


Request is to be able to map these aliases across the entire password system as a default.

There is always a concern that this list be compromised - if the overall system considered a fraudulent site as an acceptable alias, there would be deep concerns of compromised credentials.


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1 minute ago, support said:



The follow feature on password records should help with this - this is a feature we use internally quite a bit as well.




Click Studios

My understanding is that links that specific username/password to multiple websites.


In continuing with the Office 365 example, we deal with multiple customers - would we have to go through this for all 365 accounts for all customers?  Or is it we set it on one site and the "aliases" would be replicated across all accounts using that primary site?

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15 hours ago, support said:



Yes, you would need to do this for each password record you have saved. We do not currently have an option to set this globally for all password records.



Click Studios

Unfortunately, that's what I thought - hence, feature request!


In a MSP environment, or when handling multiple clients, this feature would be crucial for usefulness.

Eg: We've got approx 60 Office 365 accounts in our Passwordstate intsance.  Having to create and maintain the appropriate aliases for each of these accounts would be a challenge.  Same with some multi-domain vendor sites, partner sites, toolsets, etc.... 

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