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Update Field IDs for all shared password records with matching URLs

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This API script in Powershell is designed to update the Field IDs for any password records with a matching URL.  It designed as a quick way to bulk update multiple records that are used with the Browser extension, instead of manually updating every record you have in the system.  This will help with the autofill feature in the browser extensions. 




The script will return all shared passwords in the system, and filter only the records with the URL of your choice.  It will then update those records with the Field ID value of your choice.



You only need to modify the first four lines in the script. 


Line 1 is your Passwordstate URL

Line 2 is your System Wide API key which can be found/generated under Administration -> System Settings -> API tab

Line 3 is the value of the URL in any password records that you want to update

Line 4 is the value of the FieldID that you will be updating any password record with




$PasswordstateURL = "https://passwordstate.clickdemo.com"
$APIKey = "5347c386f9bad2edc2ef9563a874b33e"
$MatchingURL = "amazon.com"
$FieldValue = "ap_email"

$QueryAllPasswordsURL = "$PasswordstateURL/api/passwords/?QueryAll&PreventAuditing=false"
$passwords = Invoke-Restmethod -Method GET -Uri $QueryAllPasswordsURL -Header @{ "APIKey" = $APIKey }

foreach ($password in $passwords)
  $passwordID = $password.PasswordID
  $URL = $password.URL

  if ($URL -match $MatchingURL)
    $Body = @{
         PasswordID = $passwordID
         WebUser_ID = $FieldValue
    # Convert Array to Json
    $jsonData = $Body | ConvertTo-Json

$UpdateURL = "$PasswordstateURL/api/passwords"
$result = Invoke-Restmethod -Method Put -Uri $UpdateURL -ContentType "application/json" -Body $jsonData -Header @{ "APIKey" = $APIKey }














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