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Does Passwordstate support multiple AD domains?


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Yes, Passwordstate supports multiple Active Directory domains & Forests.

In order for Passwordstate to work across domains, you must have the appropriate DNS forwarders configured, and domain trusts in place. For the instructions given below, we will assume the following domain structures:

  • DomainA (domaina.clickstudios.com.au) is hosting the Passwordstate web site
  • DomainB (domainb.clickstudios.com.au) - Users belonging to DomainB wish to access Passwordstate in DomainA

Configure Passwordstate Web Site

  • For the Passwordstate web site, add a fully qualified Host Name entry to the 'Site Bindings' i.e. passwordstate.domaina.clickstudios.com.au

Configure Browser Settings
  • On DomainB, add the fully qualified host name 'passwordstate.domaina.clickstudios.com.au' to the list of sites for the security zone 'Local intranet' in your browser - this is required so your authentication details are passed through to the Passwordstate web site
  • When browsing to the passwordstate web site in DomainB, use the fully qualified name

Querying Users in Active Directory Across Domains

When importing users via Active Directory, you will need to first ensure you have added all relevant domains in the screen Administration -> Active Directory Domains


Click Studios

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