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Maintenance Mode


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Maintenance Mode


To streamline the upgrade process, we have introduced a new feature called Maintenance Mode as of build 7476.  This can be accessed from the upgrades screen, and it will notify your users that their session will end at a specific time, and they should save their work and exit Passwordstate.


The Security Administrator who initiated this Maintenance Mode can monitor how many users are connected to Passwordstate, and when there are no active users, he or she can then proceed safely with the upgrade.  No one will be able to log back into Passwordstate until the Maintenance mode has ended.  This will automatically switch off after a successful upgrade, or the Security Administrator can manually turn it off if required.


Here’s some steps on how to enable Maintenance Mode:


When a new build is available, either drill into it via the Passwordstate home page notification, or go to Administration -> Backups and Upgrades -> Upgrade Now -> Enable Maintenance Mode






Specify how long before all users sessions are terminated, and click Enable Maintenance Mode button






At this stage you will see how many active users are currently connected to Passwordstate, and they will each get a pop up notification on their screen as follows:





As they begin logging out, they will drop out of this list.  If the time runs out, and there are still active users, they will be automatically logged out of Passwordstate. Something to be aware of, if a user simply closes their browser, instead of clicking the Log Out button within Passwordstate, this does not end their session gracefully.  They will appear “activeâ€� until the System Setting “Inactivity Time Outâ€� value takes effect.  In other words, it may appear that they are logged on, when they are not.  One way to forcefully boot all users after the Maintenance Time Out period has expired, is to restart your site in IIS.


If any user attempts to log back into Passwordstate whilst Maintenance Mode is active, they will be presented with a message saying Passwordstate is in Maintenance Mode and to contact Security Administrators for more information.


As mentioned previously, the Maintenance Mode will automatically switch off once you have completed a successful upgrade.  Users will be able to log back in again, and continue on with their work.  If, for some reason you need to back out of the upgrade, and would like to manually switch off maintenance mode, you can do so by visiting the Administration home page.  Simply click this button and Passwordstate returns to normal.  It is also recommended to restart your Passwordstate site in IIS and restart the Passwordstate service on your web server after doing this:






In future versions, we will be expanding the Maintenance Mode to give you greater flexibility and control.




**Edit 8th December 2015**


As of Build 7507, you can now Enable or Disable Maintenance mode at any given time from the Root of the Administration area.  You no longer need to be performing an upgrade to enable this mode:




**Edit 9th May 2016**  

As of Build 7641, there is a new link available indicating your system is in Maintenance Mode.  Clicking this link will take you directly to the Administration area where you can disable Maintenance Mode.  We have also highlighted int in RED to make it more visible. 







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