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How to find My Database Server?


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As of Build 7646, there is now some new information present on your Administration screen - 




If you need to get further information about the account used to connect to your database, the web.config file lists this information.  The web.config file can be found in the install directory of Passwordstate on your Web Server, where the default path is c:\inetpub\passwordstate.


In the screenshot below, I've highlighted Database Server, Database Name, SQL user who has permissions to the database and the password for this user:




If you find that your web.config file is unreadable, this is because someone has deliberately encrypted the file.  This is just a good security Practice.  To learn how to decrypt the file to make it readable, please see this forum post: https://forums.clickstudios.com.au/topic/2699-encrypting-and-decrypting-the-webconfig-file/








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