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Passwordstate HA setup issue

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I recently purchased the HA license for passwordstate. I was able to setup my secondardy instance, but when I attempt to log in, I get the following screen. There are no options to click on anything or change anything.



I attempted to get into the setup to change the key out, but when I go to the setup menu



There are really no troubleshooting documents, so I have no idea how I am supposed to be able to access the admin menu and change the key to the correct one (even though it verified it as valid when I entered it).

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Hi rmagiera,


Thanks for your forum post about this and we'll be taking on board your suggestions and adding in some more information about this into our HA installation documentation.  We'll also modify the error message to be a little bit clearer which will hopefully help out other customers in the future.


The HA License key should be added into your Primary Server under Administration -> License Information.  Once this is complete, the SQL Replication will send it to your HA database, and it will then become fully licensed.  You shouldn't need to wait long after entering the key before you can access the HA instance.


Hope this helps and sorry for the confusion.


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