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Forcing the Use of Password Generator Policies


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This post describes how to force the use of a specific Password Generator Policy in different areas of Passwordstate.  These options are available from Build 7668 onward. There are three areas where a Password Generator Policy can be used:  


  1. Top Toolbar
  2. Tools Menu
  3. On Password Records which is set at Password List Level


To force the user of a policy on the Top Toolbar and on the Tools menu, this is set under Administration -> System Settings -> Password Options.  Select the Policy you want and confirm you wish to prevent users from choosing another policy as per below screenshot:




To force the use of a Password Generator when creating or editing a Password Record, you will need to edit each Password List.  To do this, edit the Password List and select the appropriate Password generator Policy. Also select the setting to force the use of the Generator as per the below screenshot:










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